"..the dead are not under earth, they are in the rustling tree.."
- Birago Diop (1906-1989), in his poem ‘Breaths'

Willow Coffins

A Green Funeral is now the popular choice of those who wish to make as little impact on the environment as possible.

Of the various alternative coffins to choose from a willow coffin is among the most eco-friendly. Willow is easily and sustainably grown in the U.K., readily bio-degradable and carbon-neutral. Combining strength and beauty, willow is an ideal natural material. A willow coffin needs no nails or screws, glue, paint, varnish, or other manufactured or imported material.

Perfect for woodland burial, willow coffins are also equally acceptable for cremation and cemetery or churchyard burial.

Using woven willow for coffins is not a modern idea – it was probably used in ancient times and there are certainly examples from 1870 and the early 20th Century. In 1875 the 'earth to earth' willow coffin was invented and patented by the Necropolis Company, and it was suggested that they were filled with ferns, moss, and aromatic herbs. (‘The English Way of Death' by Julian Litten, 1991)

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"....a very heartfelt thank you for making it such a beautiful event with the lovely coffin you made her.
It not only fitted so well with her love of flowers, gardens and countryside, but softened the setting..."